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Uniden Radar Detector DFR7NZ. SALE

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The DFR-7NZ top-of-the-line radar detector with built-in GPS features, is the best detector ever produced by Uniden. With the DFR-7NZ, you can mark geographical points where you commonly encounter radar transmissions. These can be school zones, red-light cameras, and places where police frequently monitor traffic.

  • GPS Built-In
    Ear Phone Jack for Motorcycle
    360° Laser/L2/L3 Detection
    Quite Ride – Mutes alerts below your set speed
    Pre-installed with NZ Speed Camera/Red Light Camera Database
    X, K, Ka SuperWideband Detection
    Advanced K Band Filter
    Band On/Off Selection
    Anti-falsing GPS Auto Mute – Remembers and automatically mutes false alerts
    Store up to 200 User Mark location – log school zones, police checkpoints etc
    Ultra Clear Voice Alert
    8-Point Electronic Compass
    VG2 Undetectable
    Signal Strength Meter/Mute/Dim
    City/Highway Modes
    MAX Speed Warning System
    Firmware updatable
    12V DC Cig Lead Adaptor with Mute Key & USB port
    Redflex Digital Speed Camera Detection
    Suction Mount
    Carrying Case
    Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months