Soundstream LW1.800 Amplifier


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Lil’ Wonder III Series Amplifier – LW1-800

Common Features

  • LED power and protection indicator
  • High and Low level input
  • Selectable X-over: HPF/Full/LPFw BPF capability
  • Continuously variable low pass crossover: 50Hz-4KHz
  • Continuously variable high pass: 15Hz-500Hz
  • Bass boost: 0dB/+6dB/+12dB
  • Soft turn on circuit
  • 20hm Stable stereo operation
  • Mosfet pulse width modulated power supply
  • Remote subwoofer level control: LW1.400.LW1.800
  • Increased efficiency by 10-15%
  • Higher S/N ratio due to new circuit optimization
  • Lower THD due to modernized circuitry
  • Higher damping factors for better drive control
  • Improved crossover filters
  • Upgraded output transistors for improved reliability
  • Better ground isolation for less noise
  • Increased protection to reduce speaker damage
  • Increased linearity on bass remotes
  • Direct signal input to 5th channel

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