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Panasonic SC-TMAX40GSK 1200W Wireless Speaker System. SALE


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Amazing Bass Sound Pressure

Powerful 1200W (RMS 30%) output with a total of five speakers including a 20cm super woofer with dual drive and equipped with AIRQUAKE BASS to enhance deeper bass. TMAX40 also comes equipped with features to meet all your party needs, such as DJ Play, Full Karaoke and MAX Dance Illumination. TMAX40 cranks your house party up to the max!
Amazing Sound Pressure
20cm Super Woofer / AIRQUAKE BASS
Amazing Function for Party
MAX Dance Illumination / Full Karaoke
Jukebox Request using MAX Juke App
Request songs using MAX Juke App

Booming bass that will shake the ground

Want to feel the music under your feet? ? It’s all about AIRQUAKE BASS! The robust bass and resonance that parties demand have been further strengthened by the unique Bass Reflex System. Unique port technology pushes sounds forward without losing the resonance of sounds generated from behind the woofer unit. This greatly amplifies the bass to produce an extremely powerful sound.

Be the life of the party with MAX Juke App

Ever wanted to be a cool DJ hosting your own party? Panasonic MAX Juke App will take your party to the next level. It is an easy-to-use application that connects via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. It comes packed with functions to expand the capabilities of your system and enhance your experience. Invite your friends over and party like you never have before!

Structure of AIRQUAKE BASS

By providing two ports, this unique structure pushes the air pressure forward without allowing it to leak. This amplifies the bass sound to a level that can be physically felt. It is most effective in the 50-60Hz range.

The Dual Drive System delivers powerful bass

The TMAX40 features a Dual Voice Coil, along with a Dual Drive System that outputs the power from two amps to drive a single woofer. This produces highly powerful sound.

Light up and give your music a pulse

In pursuit of the ideal party atmosphere, MAX Dance Illumination now features more advanced lighting effects. The multitude of colours and light patterns sync with the music and reflect the power found within a robust body. The TMAX40 will set your pulse racing and crank the party up to the max.

Fascination for all the senses

Tower One-box utilizes Exo-Frame Design. Encasing the unit in a robust undulating frame makes it rigid enough to house the powerful TMAX sound. We also sought to enhance portability by including built-in handles on the edges. Illumination built into the speakers sync with the music to inspire club-like energy.

Sing your heart out

The main unit has two mic jacks so you can plug in two microphones for duets with family and friends. Various functions make it easier to sing, like Vocal Cancel, Key Control, Tempo Control*, BGM Level Control, and Mic EQ. The Echo function also produces great KARAOKE singing effects. Now you can really get into the groove!

* Tempo Control can be used with USB.

Amazing Sound Pressure
20cm Super Woofer / AIRQUAKE BASS
Amazing Function for Party
MAX Dance Illumination / Full Karaoke
Jukebox Request using MAX Juke App
Request songs using MAX Juke App
Amp Type
Digital Amp (Stereo 2.1ch)
Front ch (Both ch driven)
200 W per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 30 % THD)
Subwoofer ch
400 W per channel (3 ohms, 100 Hz, 30 % THD)
Total RMS Stereo mode power
1200 W
PMPO Output Power
13200 W
Front Speaker
6 cm Tweeter x2
10 cm Woofer x2
20 cm Super Woofer (Hard Press Corrugation)
with Dual Drive x1
Bass Expand
Playback Disc *1
USB Port
USB Standard
USB 2.0 full speed
Support Format
Battery Charge
no promote (500 mA)
30 stations
Antenna Terminal
75 ohm unbalance
Preset EQ
Local Preset EQ
Manual EQ
3 band + Surround
Full Karaoke
Audio IN
AUX (PinJack) x1 / Opt-in x1
Mic Jack
x2 (6.3 mm)
AC 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Normal Use
196 W
Normal Standby
0.5 W
Bluetooth Standby
0.6 W

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