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Onkyo CP-1050 Turntable Direct Drive

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Rediscover the Magic of Vinyl

There’s never been a better time to rekindle your passion for collecting and listening to records. With the introduction of the CP-1050, Onkyo offers a turnkey solution for audiophile-level analog sound with less hassle and expense. It features a smooth and stable direct drive (there’s no belts to replace and less high-frequency noise) controlled by a quartz-lock system to ensure the aluminum platter rotates with utmost precision. The aluminum tonearm ships with a quality MM cartridge, and thanks to an innovative counterweight system and detachable headshell, can also accept most popular aftermarket cartridges. Together with solid MDF deck construction, these elements combine to deliver exceedingly beautiful sound that’s both clear and detailed while celebrating the lushness, depth, and warmth so beloved of the analog format. As you would expect from a company that created its first crystal turntable pickup for the CP-1000 back in 1946, every aspect of the design has been painstakingly engineered to deliver audio performance well beyond its suggested price.

– Built to Deliver Affordable Audiophile-Grade Sound
– Stable Direct-Drive System for Minimal Low-Frequency Cogging Noise
– Customized Brushless DC Motor
– Quartz-Lock Control System for High-Precision Rotation
– Solid Anti-Vibration MDF Cabinet Construction with Black Woodgrain Finish
– Die-cast 305 mm Aluminum Platter for Effortlessly Smooth and Stable Rotation
– Wow and Flutter Less than 0.15%
– Signal-to-Noise Ratio Over 60 dB
– Aluminum Static-Balance S-shaped Tonearm
– Moving-Magnet (MM) Cartridge Included
– Detachable Headshell Compatible with Aftermarket Cartridges
– Tonearm Counterweight Supports Range of Cartridge Weights
– Gold-Plated RCA Phono Output Terminals with Dedicated Grounding Post (Cable Included)
– Easy Button-Selectable 33 1/3 and 45 rpm Speeds
– Quickly Spins to Playback Speed Stability
– Includes Detachable Acrylic Dust Cover
– Resonance-Damping Rubber Slipmat Included
– Large Height-Adjustable Anti-Vibration Feet

Connection Features

– RCA Phono Outputs
– Grounding Post
– AC Inlet


Innovative Direct Drive Plays Records Clean and Clear

The enemies of turntable sound quality are vibration and electro-mechanical noise picked up by the stylus. Instead of a high-torque motor, Onkyo deploys a stable low-torque design that significantly reduces cogging noise, which can noticeably obscure low-frequency sound. And unlike belt-driven turntables that use fast electric motors, the direct-drive CP-1050 avoids the problem of high-frequency distortion. Combined with a precision quartz-lock control system and quality bearings, this liquid-smooth drive provides a clearer window on the soul of your music.


Effective Anti-Vibration Design

The turntable base is constructed from solid MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) and sits on four height-adjustable anti-vibration feet. Together with the smooth direct-drive motor, the rigid structure tames resonances so you can enjoy clean playback throughout the entire frequency spectrum.


Quality Tonearm and Cartridge

At the business end of the aluminum tonearm is a detachable headshell that (together with an adjustable counterweight system) supports a range of aftermarket cartridges between 5 g and 10 g. The supplied MM cartridge does a brilliant job of capturing the depth and breadth of any track with an exceptionally wide frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio of over 60 dB-right up there with more costly decks. All design elements combine to produce such open and detailed analog sound you’ll be finding any excuse to go digging in the crates.


Good Looks, Great Build

Aesthetically, the CP-1050 is a pleasing blend of ’70s retro cool and clean, contemporary style; it’s dark woodgrain finish nicely contrasts the gleaming alloy tonearm and polished metal trim on the top of the deck. The player also includes a detachable acrylic dust cover, and makes the perfect centerpiece for stereo systems of any vintage.

Top-Shelf Connections

On the rear panel are two gold-plated pin-type RCA phono terminals to output the left and right channel signals to your external phono preamp, stereo amplifier, or A/V receiver. There’s also a dedicated grounding post to eliminate hum.


Drive Method

Turntable Type
305 mm Die-cast Aluminum

Turning Speed
33 1/3 / 45 rpm

Motor Type
Brushless DC

Starting Torque
>1.0 kgf-cm

Electronic Brake

Wow and Flutter
0.15% or Less at 33 1/3 rpm

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
>60 dB

Power Supply
AC 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption
6 W

Standby Power Consumption
0.4 W

450 mm
158 mm
367.5 mm

8.6 kg



Static-balanced, S-shaped


Headshell Weight
10 g

Effective Arm Length
230 mm

15 mm

Applicable Cartridge Weight Range (Including Headshell)
15-20 g

Tracking Error Angle
Within 3 degrees

Anti-Skating Range
0-3 g

Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range
0-4 g


Cartridge Section

Cartridge Type
Moving-Magnet (MM)

Output Voltage
2.5 mV/±3 dB (1 kHz at 3.54 cm/Sec.)

Channel Balance
<2.5 dB

Load Resistance
47 kO

Cartridge Weight
5 g

Replacement Stylus

Frequency Response
0±3 dB
(10 kHz, Based on Value at 1 kHz)

Channel Separation
>18 dB (at 1 kHz

Data Sheet

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