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Noirot Spot Plus 7358-7THW 2000 Watt built in timer


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The exciting Spot Plus heater range from Noirot is truly revolutionary. Combining European style and state of the art technology, it ensures you’ll find the right heater for the right application every single time.

The Spot Plus range is 100% silent due to the patented Monobloc element, thereby eliminating creaks and rattles. Lockable, childproof settings are integrated into the electronic thermostat, giving you peace of mind as well as peace and quiet.

Integrated Timer

Our integrated timer delivers high-level accuracy with simple, user-friendly operation, fully integrated thermostat, heat on indicator, frost protection, backlit display and timer programming with memory retention allowing programming to be saved indefinitely.

Heat that moves you

Our optional Easy Glide Castors means you can take the warmth with you wherever you go. Simply slide your Noirot heater from room to room, plug it in and it’s ready to warm. How easy is that?

Convection, not convention

The Noirot Spot Plus range takes advantage of the natural process of convection to make heating your home efficient, effective and totally silent. Air is heated as it rises over the patented Monoblock element and is continually replaced as cooler air is drawn up inside the heater by the warmer air rising. As the air cools it then falls towards the floor and is again drawn into the bottom of the unit.

The Noirot Precision Thermostat ensures that your room always maintains the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius and prevents overheating and energy wastage. Safety All Noirot Spot Plus heaters are fitted with a thermal safety cut-out and feature rounded edges for safety. With no fan to move air around the Noirot range is also ideal for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Noirot really is reliable warmth you can trust this winter.


All Noirot Spot Plus heaters are fitted with a thermal safety cut-out and feature rounded edges for safety. With no fan to move air around the Noirot range is also ideal for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Energy Efficient

Every Noirot heater is fitted with a Noirot Precision Thermostat. Even after years of functioning it maintains your desired temperature

100% Silent

The revolutionary Monobloc heating element is totally silent. The non-expanding front panel means no rattles or cracks whilst you’re keeping warm, guaranteed.

A Range of sizes

Our extensive range comes in many sizes, suitable for all rooms and applications both domestically and commercially.

Lifetime warranty

It is a commitment to developing the latest in technology and quality that allows Noirot to bring to you our Noirot Lifetime Warranty. Comfort and peace of mind now means Noirot is for life.

Made in France

Colour : WHITE

Founded in Laon France, Noirot has been warming the hearts and homes of thousands of families for over 75 years.


Size: W; 745 mm H; 440mm D; 80mm

Appropriate Room Size: 20m2

Room Styles: Double Bedrooms, hallways & living spaces.

Wall mounting & castors available.


Running Costs?

Running costs are based on electrical authorities’ tariff charges per kilowatt per hour.  To establish this you need to refer to your current electrical bill – on the back you will find a charge in cents per kW/hr.  That is how much is charged for every 1000 watts of electricity used per hour used per hour to run.  Based on this, if the tariff is say 13 cents per kW/hr, then a 1000 watt heater will cost 13 cents per hour to run.  Provided the heater is sized correctly for the room in which it is required, the Noirot electronic thermostat will read the room temperature every 30 seconds once the desired temperature is reached and will maintain the temperature rather than letting it drop by several degrees and then using more power to top it back up.  This means a saving of 50% on running costs.  Effectively a Noirot 1000 watt heater will cost approximately 6.5 cents per hour to run, thereby cutting running costs in half.

Running costs and sizing guidelines are approximate only and will depend on various factors including insulation rating, ceiling height, window and floor furnishings and draughts.  Electrical authority tariffs will vary throughout the country and you should refer to your power bill for your tariff.

Instruction Manual

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