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Levante LEV1319-8 Convection Panel Heaters 2400 Watt

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The Levante convection heater is designed with pinpoint precision to heat specific areas, providing an extremely cost-effective option. With a completely silent operation, a sophisticated electronic thermostat and thermal safety cut-out, it’s perfect for reliability, economy and comfort.The Levante convection heater comes with a zinc, polyester coated body with the added safety of round edges and a specially designed finned grill for the efficient and even distribution of heat. Like all Levante heaters the convection range embodies the elegance and sophistication of European design, along with state of the art technology and energy efficiency. The Levante convection heaters feature, lockable thermostat which is accurate to within 0.1 degrees of the desired setting.

* Clean white exterior finish
* Silent fanless operation
* Monobloc Aluminium Electric Element
* Made in France
* Asthma and allergy friendly
* Slim line design (80mm)
* 0.1 degree accurate electronic thermostat for accurate room management
* Energy efficient
* Comes ready to be wall mounted or castors are available as an optional extra (order under separately listing)
* Zinc, polyester coated body with added safety of round edges
* Specially designed finned grill for efficient and even distribution of heat
* Elegance and sophistication of European design
* State of the art technology and energy efficiency
* 10 year replacement warranty

The Levante range comes in various sizes and heat outputs.  So whether you need to warm a guest room, your office or make a hallway cosythere will be a size to suit your needs.

Style Room Size Wattage Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm)
LEV1319-3 10m2 1000 420 440 80
LEV1319-5 15m2 1500 585 440 80
LEV1319-7 20m2 2000 745 440 80
LEV1319-8 25m2 2400 900 440 80





As a general rule of thumb, work out the square meterage of the room you are heating (ie if the length is 5m and the width is 4m, take 5mx4m = 20m2, then multiply the square meterage by 100 watts – 20m2 x 100 watts = 2000 watts heating output*.  This is the size heater you will need to heat the room efficiently.  Never try to put a smaller heater into a larger space as it will not save you any power – in fact it will make the heater work harder and use more power than necessary.

Running costs are based on electrical authorities tariff charges per kilowatt per hour.  To establish this you need to refer to the back of your current electrical bill for the charge in cents per kW/hr.  That is how much is charged for every 1000 watts of electricity used per hour to run.

Based on this, if the tariff is 23** cents per kW/hr then a 1000 watt heater will cost 23 cents per hour to run.  Provided the heater is sized correctly for the room in which it is required the Levante electronic thermostat will read the room temperature every 30 seconds once the desired temperature is reached.  This means savings of up to 50% on running costs.  Effectively a Levante 1000 watt heater will cost approximately 11 cents per hour to run, thereby cutting running costs in half.

This example shows that Levante Panel Heaters can cost from approximately 11 cents per hour for a 1000 watt heater and 33 cents for the larger 2400 watt.

* Running costs and sizing guidelines are approximates only and will be dependent on various factors including insulation rating, ceiling height, window and floor furnishings and draughts.

** Electrical authority tariffs may vary, refer to your provider if unsure.