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Definitive Technology DT8R DT Custom Install Series Round 8″ In-Ceiling Speaker

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The DT8R is a bang-for-your-buck in-ceiling superstar for multi-room and home theater applications. Revel in big-speaker performance, near-invisibility, and superior ease of installation.

Powerful Bass,
Dynamic Mids

From an 8” Composite Mineral-filled
Polypropylene Driver Cone


For Precise Direct Sound or
Diffuse Surround Sound


For Superior Transparency

Definitive Audio Performance

A Top Performer, All Around

Bold and powerful, the DT8R features an 8” Woofer and 1” Pivoting Dome Tweeter in a round form factor engineered for in-ceiling audio excellence. Every component in the DT8R is conceived and developed in-house for a listening experience that delivers and a product that endures.

High-Performance Audio Components
in your walls and ceilings

Teeming with high-tech components such as annealed aluminum tweeters, polypropylene mineral-filled mid/bass cones, and anti-diffraction surfaces, the DT Series reproduces audio with the legendary voicing you’ve come to expect from Definitive Technology.

Pure Aluminum Swivel Tweeter

The ultralight, rigid construction of the DT8R’s aluminum dome tweeter enables it to play significantly higher frequencies than we can hear, allowing for optimum linearity within the range of human hearing. The swivel mechanism lets installers orient the tweeter for precise direct sound or diffuse surround sound- or anything in between.

Polypropylene Mineral-filled Midrange/Woofer

Coupled with butyl rubber surrounds, the polypropylene mineral-filled midrange/woofer cone is a superb combination of lightness, stiffness, excursion, and control. The result: quick and punchy bass with smooth and detailed midrange.

High-Definition Crossover

The crossover is critical to delivering high-end audio quality. A high-definition crossover network with Mylar capacitors is a key contributor to the DT8R’s smooth and accurate performance throughout its entire frequency range.

Quick and Easy Installs

Truly Custom Installations

Using only four common tools and a pencil, installers will find it a breeze to install the DT8R. With strong yet lightweight construction, integrated pivoting lock arms, paintable grilles, and magnetic grille fasteners, you’ll have your DT8R installed and playing sweet audio in no time.

Pivoting Tweeters
for customized sound

When using DT8R as front speakers in a home theater setup or as stereo speakers in a distributed audio system, installers can aim the tweeter toward the main listening position for improved imaging and detail. When using as rear/surround speakers, installers can aim the tweeter toward an adjacent wall or ceiling for a more diffuse sound field.

Fewer Tools Needed
for faster installs

Rotating lock arms, magnetically-attached grilles, and heavy-gauge speaker wire push terminals enable a faster, simpler installation using fewer tools.

Paintable Magnetic Grilles
for the custom touch

All DT Series speaker grilles and grille frames are paintable, with easy step-by-step instructions. Once you have your perfect look, powerful neodymium magnets attach the grilles to the speakers for a secure, tool-free finish.

  • Overall

    Total Pieces 1
    Drivers Warranty 5 years
    Carton 1 11.1″ (28.19 cm) h x 11.1″ (28.19 cm) w x 6.1″ (15.49 cm) d – 4.7 lbs (2.13 kg)


    Qty Included 1
    Availability  US
    Driver Complement • (1)  1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) Pivoting Dome Tweeter – Tweeter
    • (1)  8″ (20.32 cm) d (Round) – Mid/Woofer
    Depth 3.81″ (9.68 cm)
    Grille Dimensions 9.75″ (24.77 cm) diameter
    Shape Round
    Dimensions 8.75″ (22.23 cm) diameter
    Total Frequency Response 27 Hz  30,000 Hz
    Total Frequency Response 8 ohms
    Max Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter) 89 dB
    A/V Receiver Crossover Settings Small (60 Hz)





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