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Breville AIR PURIFIER the Smart Air Plus Purifier LAP500WHT

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Air purification for large rooms

The best in class. It provides you with great air quality and a full report through colour indicator and concentration of fine particles.


Live Purity Control Accurately identifies fine particles including allergens, reports it through a 4-colour indicator light and adjusts its performance automatically.


Reduces 99.97% of particles down to 0.3microns with true HEPA filter, dust with pre-filter, smoke and odours with carbon filter, bacteria and viruses with Microbe Shield™ light.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Breathe easy with Breville’s new range of air purifiers. The 4-stage filtration system including Microbe Shield™ light helps reduce allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria for a healthy home all year round.

Air Purifier Range

Breville Air Purifiers come with smart features including 4-Stage Filtration, Live Purity Control and 360 degree airflow. Choose the size that is best suited for your family’s needs.

Wi-Fi Control via Mobile App

Control your home’s air purification on the go with the Breville Home Connect™ app, so you can feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door.

4-Stage Air Purification System

All Breville air purifiers are equipped with a 4-stage purification system for a healthier environment.
  • Pre-filter to reduce dust & pet dander.
  • True HEPA H13 filter to eliminate 99.97% of allergens.
  • Carbon filter for odours & smoke.
  • Microbe Shield™ light to target bacteria & viruses.

Advanced Protection

Our Microbe Shield™ Technology protects you and your family from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Immersive Airflow Design

360° air circulation design ensures that the air in your room is purified.

Live Purity Control

An integrated, 4-colour sensor light that indicates the level of harmful particles in the air in real time.

Micron Particles Monitor

Displays the concentration of harmful ultra-fine particles in the surrounding air.

*feature only available on the Smart Air Plus™ Purifier






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