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Bose FS51 Freespace Outdoor Speakers. SALE


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Our best-performing landscape speakers deliver stereo performance over a wide listening area. An excellent choice if you prefer not to mount speakers to your home. Guaranteed to withstand severe weather.

Radial design
Delivers better coverage around the yard by dispersing sound in a wide, 360-degree pattern.

Specially designed enclosure
Optimizes the speakers’ overall acoustic performance for even, full-range coverage over a large listening area.

4½” full-range driver
Full-range drivers provide a more consistent sound field than conventional speakers. You enjoy high-fidelity sound from a small enclosure.

Polymer fiber composite driver cone
Ensure high-quality sound reproduction that is resistant to the type of deterioration often caused by extreme conditions.

Centrally located port
Enhances low-frequency performance to deliver the depth and richness of music outdoors.

Domed port grille
Works with centrally located port to reflect high-frequency tones into the listening area. Enjoy clear, consistent and natural-sounding acoustic performance outdoors.

Sturdy weather-resistant construction
Allows the speakers to deliver consistent, reliable performance that withstands the rigors of year-round outdoor placement and up to 350 pounds of pressure. Five-year guarantee.

Green speaker cabinet
Blends in with backyard greenery.

Base flange with mounting holes
Provides easy, solid and secure installation on hard surfaces or in the ground.

Three wire grooves on speaker bottom
Prevents the speaker from rocking on the speaker wire and enables a professional-looking installation on decks, patios and other flat surfaces.

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